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As employees become more discerning about the benefits they receive at work, there’s never been a better time to explore group employee benefits. From life insurance to disability insurance, dental insurance to health coverage, Beacon ICG can help you offer group benefits plans to help your employees cover the cost of things not covered by typical benefits plans.

if it’s been a while since you reviewed your company’s group benefit package, it may be time to give it a second look to explore potential cost savings or new opportunities.

At Beacon ICG, we help you identify those opportunities and support you as you build a group benefits package that your employees will truly value and appreciate.

employee benefits health insurance


From HMOs to PPOs to Health Savings Accounts, there are various group health insurance benefits worth exploring. At Beacon ICG, we’ll help you select the options that suit your employees’ needs best.

employee benefits dental insurance beacon icg

Dental Insurance

Providing your employees with the option of dental care is another way to show that you care. Root canals, braces, x-rays, and a variety of other dental essentials can be covered by these plans.

There are several care options from those that cover preventive care and cleanings to those that cover a variety of dental procedures. Our team will help you select the right one for your company.

employee benefits disability insurance beacon icg

Disability Insurance

Whether it’s long or short-term, disability insurance can provide employees benefits to replace lost income. It’s important to explore your options and choose plans that make the most sense for you and your employees.

At Beacon ICG, we make that process straightforward and simple so you feel confident that you’re making the right decision for you and your employees.

employee benefits life insurance beacon icg

Life Insurance

Life insurance is another valuable benefit to offer your employees. You can extend the benefit to the employee’s spouse and dependents or give the option for employees to purchase additional coverage.

Beacon ICG Can Help You Design Your Group Employee Benefits Package

Whether you’ve got a team of 25 or 250, at Beacon ICG, our team helps you navigate the key decisions you’ll make as you select the right group benefits for you and your employees. Contact us here to learn more.


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