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Beacon was founded by Daniel Barbiero and Tom Eschmann – beginning with a focus on insurance solutions and evolving into a client centered benefits provider. In 2021, Beacon merged with ICG next, an industry leading financial advisory firm. From the beginning, we’ve been client-focused and collaborative in thought and counsel. Our client focused, service-driven culture has allowed us to build valuable, enduring relationships with our clients across generations. We value honesty and integrity and bring those values to bear in every interaction with our clients the same are individuals, families or businesses both large and small.

We are proactive in helping clients plan and follow through on financial goals inclusive of quarterly and annual meetings with all clients to review and plan for what lies ahead in their financial futures.

Beacon ICG’s dedication to our clients helps them clarify their goals and confidently move toward them. Our financial advisory team is here to support that process every step of the way.


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“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s words suggest that rather than denying your debt and put off dealing with it until later, you roll up your sleeves and get to work managing it now. Or, when it comes to saving money, start a savings or retirement plan today rather than waiting until it’s too late.

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Your financial goals are unique to you. Learn how we can help you pursue them.

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At Beacon ICG, we're committed to standing alongside you as an investment Co-Fiduciary.

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