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At Beacon ICG, we will work together to forecast the true cost of education

It can feel empowering to ensure that your children will be able to experience and reap the benefits of higher education. From new connections to employment opportunities, there are so many reasons to consider higher education.When the time comes, many families don’t want looming financial burdens to prevent their child from pursuing an education. That’s why setting aside enough money to fund the education of your child or children is a common financial goal for many families. While there are many options available: From 529 Plans to trusts, the considerations that are most important can be easily overlooked. At Beacon ICG, we help you navigate the complexities of the college planning process.

We start this process with you by exploring the different educational options available to your child or children (from community colleges to vocational schools to major universities). We start here so that you more fully understand the potential opportunities and expenses associated with higher education. From there we will work together to forecast the true cost of education, including the expenses that could arise over the course of your child’s education. These expenses include things like room and board. Once we’ve explored the other possible expenses worth saving for, we can then begin to look at the financial savings opportunities.

We’ll select the type of account or plan you’ll want to have in place. The selection we make will be based on your unique needs and the costs we’ve identified together. Together, we’ll create a path forward to help you save based on the other potential factors in your own life.

The result is a college savings plan that suits your needs and helps you work toward your financial goals and the support you need to make it happen.


Beacon ICG Makes College Planning Personal

Whether it’s investment flexibility or the potential impact of a savings plan on financial aid, there are intricacies that need to be considered whenever you explore paying for higher education. And our team is here to help you personalize this process so that it suits your goals and budget.
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