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At Beacon ICG, we’re here to help.

Planning for your financial future is a process. From understanding your current finances to exploring your financial goals to implementing the strategies that help you pursue those goals, you don’t need to navigate the financial planning process alone.

At Beacon ICG, we have the knowledge and experience to help you plan for your financial future and our client centered, thoughtful and personal approach is what truly sets us apart from other firms.

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A Clear, Personalized Financial Planning Process

When we collaborate, you’ll have a partner at your side as you explore your financial future.

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Your advisor will take the time to know the unique aspects of your life and family (and your business if applicable) so that they can offer objective, relevant guidance moving forward.

Your advisor will also work with you to define your goals, understand the challenges you face now, and the aspirations you hold for your future and legacy. This means considering the other key players in your financial journey (family members, employees, etc.) who may impact or be impacted by your financial decisions and exploring how they factor into your financial future as well.

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Proactive Planning For Your Financial Future

From there, your advisor can help you proactively explore potential pitfalls that exist now and those that may appear down the road.

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This helps you to address some of the all-too-common but often unexpected challenges that life might bring your way by creating contingency plans for those circumstances or by taking actions to prevent them altogether.

Then, our advisors set out to identify the best steps possible to help you reach your unique goals. This comprehensive approach to financial planning allows you to gain a greater understanding of your financial situation now and the big picture you’re creating for the future.

The result of this process is a plan that charts the course you’ll take to your financial goals while helping you make the most informed choices for your financial future now and as you move forward.

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Start Your Financial Planning Journey With Beacon ICG

Planning for retirement is the process of beginning with the end in mind.

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As we collaborate with you to create your retirement plan, we’ll help you both clarify your vision for life after “your 9-5” and share the steps needed to ensure a comfortable and sustainable retirement.


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